Stadium Seating

Stadium Seating

Stadium Seating

Stadium seating can be divided into two main categories:

Plastic stadium seating and Upholstered stadium seating.

Plastic stadium seats are usually used for the fans and upholstered stadium seats are  often used as VIP seats and

as Players’ seats , as well as seats for the management team, and etc.

In the dressing rooms of the Players and in the halls of the media people, there is also much use of upholstered

stadium seating in many cases.

In arenas of ice hockey, for example, the audience seats can also be upholstered stadium seating.

In stadium projects, sports halls and sports courts, stadium seating of both types are in used.

manufacturing plastic stadium seating and upholstered stadium seating are our field of expertise over 20 years.

Therefore, in any sports stadium and stadium project you have, we will be happy to produce for your projects both

of these categories of stadium seating.

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