A stadium of about $ 400 million in nowhere

A stadium of about $ 400 million in nowhere

A stadium of about $ 400 million in nowhere!
Saskatchewan Raffiders of the Canadian Football League may set up a stadium in a remote area of the country, which may even pay off…

The construction of an indoor stadium in the center of Regina, home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders group, is technically feasible and will cost $ 386.2 million, including construction costs, land, consultants and furniture, according to a report released today. The possibility of installing a roof

Folding will add another $ 45 million, and total costs will exceed $ 430 million.
The study, which examined the feasibility of the project, was launched seven months ago with the funding of the regional, state and municipal authorities in addition to the group, which is interested in replacing its old stadium in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. According to the report, a new stadium could generate an operating profit of more than $ 1 million if there are 31 events a year, for example, the stadium can reach an annual profit if there are 11 Canadian Football League games, Three medium-sized and four small and eight other events such as conferences and exhibitions.

s for the main question of who will pay for the construction of the stadium, the report says “additional work is required to summarize the distribution of costs and risks” if the project is approved. Wladjauff told reporters that the decision to build the stadium will be made in late spring, and the construction is expected to take three years and the impact on the province’s GDP will be $ 195.5 million.

The site that is envisioned for construction is the current location of the Canadian Railway Railway (CP). According to the report, the company plans to move the 81-square-meter garage west of the city, apparently until the fall of 2012, depending on the approval of the regulator. The railway company has also agreed, in principle, and subject to conditions and approvals, to sell the site in the center of the city, given several factors related to the passage that must be solved, “the report said.

The report proposes building two new public sites – two loaves that will surround the stadium, and not all of the site is intended for the construction of the stadium, and part of the land can be used for the construction of private homes or for commercial purposes.

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