African stadiums need you

African stadiums need you

African stadiums need you

Yes, African stadiums realy need you! The vast majority of stadiums in the African continent urgently need to

renovate and replace old stadium seats with new stadium seats from higher quality and much stronger ones that are

resistant to intense sunlight and weather and are also resistant to vandalism.

The main problem begins about 10 years ago when many Chinese companies supplied very low-quality stadium

seats, seats that already began to peel off and wear out and break after 1 year only.

This is unbearable. How in one year, a lot of money and huge money invested in stadium seats simply went to waste

because of the poor choice of Chinese who make poor quality of stadium seats.

Instead of buying cheap from China we offer you to buy from us at a reasonable price and the highest quality

according to European standards and recommendations of FIFA and UEFA.

Our stadium seats are particularly strong and weather resistant,

including strong UV radiation and are also resistant to vandalism.

We can send you a free sample to test the quality of our products by yourself.

This is the time to do something and to ensure that Africa, not only South Africa,

but all Africa, will have stadium seats that are worth playing olympics and international events.

This serious matter and not just a matter of fun! those who say that stadiums in Africa are not needed now and that

there other more urgent things are just dont know what they are talking about… it is already have been proven that

good stadiums are giving the local popolations many alternative for their life and thier moral.

it is not just for fans but it push the local to deal with positive things such as sport and international competitions

that makes the country united and of course it also will put the africans countries on the map of the olimpic games

and then why dont shall we see more international games in Africa that you will increase tourism and business in

those countries.

If you are a contractor or if you have a relationship with decision-makers in your country then you shall please

explain to them that poor product quality does not pay off in the long term and even worst because such a product

that goes bad quickly has to be paid again and replaced it with a new one, and then costs are more expensive than if

you would buy a high quality product which would serve you for decades.

So for  high quality of stadium seats please visit here: High quality stadium seats

Thank you and we hope to hear from you regarding your Stadium project!