The 8 most insane sports courts in the world

The 8 most insane sports courts in the world

From golf on a snow field to tennis in the sky: the 8 most insane sports courts in the world

A basketball court on an aircraft carrier, golf on a snowboard, “river football”, cricket 610 meters below ground, and a tennis court on a 200-meter helipad – watch the world’s most amazing sports courts.

Who think of famous sports fields, usually head to the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona or Madison Square Garden in New York, the New York Knicks home court. But around the world you can find quite a few strange sports facilities, from an underground cricket ground to an Arctic golf course.

We gathered or you fthe eight most unusual sports fields in the world:

  1. Basketball Court on the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. The aircraft carrier was converted to a marine museum in California and in 2012 there was a game between the groups of Syracuse University Orange and San Diego State University. President Barack Obama was there to watch the match, which ended with a 62-49 win over Syracuse.


2.Omannak Golf Course in Greenland. Unlike the familiar golf courses that are characterized by green grass, here the dominant color is the white of the snow. Therefore it is important to play with colored balls – red, yellow or even green – as white balls tend to assimilate in the environment. The first World Ice Golf Championship took place in 1997. Since the route is designed on an ice shelf, it changes every year. Not surprisingly, some tournaments have been canceled due to the harsh weather conditions.

3. Rugby beaches in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The RAK rugby team played their home games in the UAE league on this sandy beach before moving to a traditional lawn. Rugby Sands sounds fun until you take into account that the sand comes everywhere, including the eyes and nose.

4. River football in the town of Borton on the Water in the county of Gloucestershire in England. Every year there is a football game on a traditional holiday day set for the end of August. The game usually attracts a large crowd, even though the viewers finish the game soaked in water.

5. A cricket game at a depth of 610 meters below the ground at the Cambrian mine for slate stone in northern England. The first game took place in 2013 between the local teams of Kaldebeck and Therkald. The game was organized in order to raise money for the reconstruction of Trekkeld, which suffered from flooding. The slate stones were used as tools in the game. In the end, Kaldbeck won and hoisted the cup, which was also made up of a slate.

6. Tennis court height of 211 meters in Dubai. In 2005 tennis stars Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played in this high court, where it was recommended not to dive into a ball. The lot was built on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is the most luxurious hotel in the world. It was not a game for faint hearts or for fear of heights. This helipad also hosted the training of golf champion Rory McElroy. In 2011, the Irishman climbed this level to practice his short strokes.

7. Boston’s Fenway Park turns into a formidable ski jumping site – the famous field where the Boston Red Sox Homer is playing a ski slide, in which surfer Andrei Raghtali jumped to a high altitude in a single event of its kind in 2016.

8. A horse race on the frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland. These races have been in place since 1907, and sometimes the frozen lake is also used as a polo court.

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